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One of the most exciting discoveries a person will ever make is finding the kingdom of God.  Jesus likens it to a man who finds a pearl of great price and sells all that he has in order to possess it.  He was referring to the kingdom which He inaugurated through His death and resurrection.  From that time until today, many people have discovered the glorious kingdom of God.  It is a kingdom where God has reconciled creation to Himself through the cross.  It results in the communion of saints.

The communion of saints is simply about relationships being restored

through cross with God, fellow man and creation. It all begins when we believe in Jesus, but the growth of the Kingdom in our lives and community is progressive as we grow together in the Lord.  

The Kingdom is all about King Jesus.  His is a kingdom of liberty, dignity and glory.  Our goal at King’s Way Church is to live in the reality of His Kingdom as we grow together in the grace of God.

The confession of the Kingdom is “Jesus is Lord”.  

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"Our nation is at a crossroads—morality is being legislated by the courts, traditional values are being tossed aside in the name of “progress,” and many Christians seem to have taken the New Testament concept of being “in the world but not of the world” to the extreme, hiding their heads in the sand until they have no relevant foundation upon which to stand and spread the gospel.

In The Law & the Gospel, William J. Brannan calls on us as active participants in our faith to not sit idly by, to stand up for our godly principles in ALL areas, including politics, science, technology, and the arts. Using insightful commentaries and sound doctrinal references, Brannan presents the case that it is our duty as ever-growing Christians to engage “the world” and offer an alternative to the doctrines of darkness and sin being presented as the norm in order to be the beacons of faith we are meant to be."

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One of our passions is to see religion be a blessing to all society.  With this in mind, we encourage you to watch the following clips from The American Heritage Series, a set which was made by David Barton and can be found at  

American Heritage